3 questions you should ask before ordering a skip.

For many of my customers, ordering a skip is a completely new experience, and whilst it's not exactly rocket science, having all the info upfront will help you make the best decisions to save time and money. These are the questions that you should ask before ordering a skip to ensure that you have the best possible experience: 1) What size skip bin do I need? Figuring out the ideal size skip for your waste from the outset is essential. Order a bin too big, you're paying too much. Order a bin too small, you're going to have extra waste that needs disposal.

An experienced operator will be able to guide you through the process - for any questions regarding skip bin sizes, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

2) How much will the skip bin cost? All reputable skip bin businesses offer instant over the phone quotes. Never accept delivery of a skip bin without being quoted an agreable price! There are two factors that will determine the price of a skip:

- The size of the skip bin required

- The type of waste being put in the skip bin

3) Are there any additional costs?

Many 'rogue operators' quote low prices and charge ridiculous costs for 'extras'. Beware of skip bin operators that charge extra for: Bin pick-up, long rentals, weekend rates, out-of-area jobs, etc. At Red Bins Skip Hire, the price that you are quoted is the price you pay - No exceptions.

If at any time, you require pressure free advice, please don't hesitate to phone me directly on 0410 087 910. Cheers, Len.

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